Threats of punched faces and broken arms? It’s just not cricket…or is it?

It’s a lovely day out on a beautiful summer’s day is cricket.  The excited murmur of the crowd as the players enter the field.  Members quaffing down copious amounts of champagne whilst discussing which bow tie they wore to “a dear friend’s” dinner party the previous evening.  Representatives circling the ground outside attempting to sell commentary ear pieces to anyone who’ll have them for an extortionate price.  Not forgetting the first pint of the day being pulled before a lot of people have even woken up.

However, a player being ‘sledged’ with the threat of a broken arm in retaliation to an alleged threat of a punch in the face?  That’s just not cricket…or is it?  History will tell you it most certainly is.

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Brave Tom…but should this be the case?

Thousands upon thousands of tweets, articles and messages have been posted around the world today regarding the news that Tom Daley is in a relationship with a fellow member of the same sex.  The general attitude that still remains in today’s society towards a homosexual relationship dictates that “coming out” is an event that requires support, rather than it being something that happens without anyone batting an eyelid.  However, approaching the end of 2013, should this still be the case?

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